On Saturday 1st June, at 7 p.m., it will take place in the main square of Palmanova Outlet Village an important concert, result of the partnership between the music Academy “Città di Palmanova” and Palmanova Outlet Village in order to promote music on our territory.

On 1st June, at 7 p.m., in the main square of the Outlet 4 brilliant musicians and 2 orchestras, all selected by the artistic direction of the International Music Contest Città di Palmanova will perform a concert. The youngest is just 6 years old and comes from Cormons (located in Friuli Venezia Giulia): the violinist Mariavirgilio Long Savogin (classifies second, with a score of 90/100 achieved during the Palmanova Città Unesco Prize) who will perform lyrics by Alberto Curci and A. Thomas. The percussionist Gasper Rebec, 11 years old (also winner of the second prize with a score of 94/100 of the Prize Città di Palmanova), arriving from the near Postumia in Slovenia who will perform tracks by Gert Bomhof, Tomas Habe and Frederic Sans. The flautist Sonia Venzo, 24 years old, from Feletto Umberto  - Udine – (first prize with 100/100, scholarship at the Prize Palmanova Città Unesco) will present musics by Marin Marais and Karg-Elert, while the 19 year-old singer Alice Fiorillo, from Aquileia (second prize with a score of 92/100, for the Premio Scuole-School Prize) will perform lyrics by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Arisa and Christina Aguilera. The four solo artists will be accompanied by 2 excellent orchestras: the orchestra “Vladimir Bartol” from Trieste (classified as first at the Premio Scuole-School Prize with the score of 95/100), directed by Maurizio Marchesich with its 14 elements playing G. Bizet, J. Strauss and A. Piazzolla and the orchestra “Stuparich”, always coming from Trieste: this orchestra won the first prize, gaining a score of 95/100, at the Prize Palmanova Città Unesco. It has 20 members and will be directed by Rosanna Guadagno: musics will be by Mario Castanetto.


The Music Academy “Città di Palmanova”, founded on 10th February 2012, is a socio-cultural reality well established in its territory, and it has the aim of spreading the music, theatre and choric culture. It integrated immediately in the town environment by supporting several activities: Listening Guides, Concerts, Cultural, Musical and Theatre Events. It obtained the approval by the audience connecting its activities to the others of the local associations. The Academy presents a staff with 36 teachers and a wide education offer. The Academy’s activities are characterized by an important presence in the nearby elementary schools, attended by 1,200 pupils.

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