INFO EVENTS 29-06-2019


Once again, for the summer of 2019, the Land of Fashion will be offering its visitors a free event with the participation of national and international stars.

Franciacorta, Mantova, Palmanova, Puglia and Valdichiana Outlet Villages constantly prove to be magical locations where you can enjoy your shopping experience until late at night and have fun too.

EVENTS 08-09-2019

A sea race with Bibione Run

The name says it all already: “Bibione is surprising run”. In Bibione, the race is really a surprising fact. On Sunday 8th September, thousands of runners will invade the well-known Venetian seaside resort for an appointment which has won a place in the heart of many runner lovers.

EVENTS 07-09-2019

Bibione in pink, when the race turns into a woman

Women running for other women. The countdown for the edition 2019 of Bibione in rosa (Bibione in pink) has already started: the great female race, starting on Saturday 7th September at 5 p.m. from Piazza Fontana, will fill in with colors and happiness the center of the well-known Venetian seaside resort.

EVENTS 16-06-2019

Running in the forest with Cansiglio Run

A Sunday Race in the heart of one of the most charming forests in Europe. The Cansiglio Run is back on Sunday 16th June, suggesting 4 several race distances: from the longest (34,5 km) to the Family Run with its 5,5 km, opened to everyone, moving between the 2 intermediate trials (22 km and 10 km, the last opened to nordic walking lovers).

EVENTS 15-06-2019

IRAMA – Musica e Parole

On Saturday 15th June, at 9 p.m., in the main square of Palmanova Outlet Village, Irama will be the special guest of the event of the new format “Musica e parole”.  


Chiusura tratti autostradali - Lavori terza corsia

Chiusura uscita Palmanova entrambe le direzioni dalle 21 del 18/05 alle 12 del 19/05. Si consiglia alla gentile clientela l’utilizzo di strade alternative per recarsi al Village.


Festival del giornalismo

The 5th edition of Journalism Festival is an event organized by the cultural association "Leali delle notizie" of Ronchi dei Legionari.


Arriva il gelato come una volta con GROM

"We define our gelato as being ‘how it used to be made,’ because, just like in the olden times, it is produced without the use of flavorings, colors, preservatives, or emulsifiers. Its flavors and colors, therefore, come only from the seasonally available raw materials which, in turn, are produced by our suppliers without the use of additives."



Palmanova prepares itself to welcome the 7th edition of the International Music Contest “Città di Palmanova” with the PRIZE FOR THE SCHOOLS, the PRIZE UNESCO CITY and the CHORAL PRIZE, organized by the Music Academy “Città di Palmanova”, addressed to young musicians up to 24 years old.



On Saturday 1st June, at 7 p.m., it will take place in the main square of Palmanova Outlet Village an important concert, result of the partnership between the music Academy “Città di Palmanova” and Palmanova Outlet Village in order to promote music on our territory.


Musica e Parole – MOGOL

He wrote many unforgettable songs, which have had an international success and which have been interpreted by beloved singers such as Lucio Battisti. Mogol, pseudonym of Giulio Rapetti, Italian author, producer and writer, together with maestro Barbera will open the calendar of the Summer events at Palmanova Outlet Village on Saturday 18th May, at 6:30 p.m., with the new format called “Musica e Parole”.


Land of Fashion ama l’arte

“Shopping, divertimento ma anche spazio all’arte e alla cultura. Ti aspetta la mostra gratuita delle opere originali di tre noti artisti friulani: Marina Battistella, Roberto Milan e Nello Taverna.”


Prepare to be wowed by Nassfeld Pramollo

Make the most of the 10% discount on your ski pass: collect the voucher at the Palmanova Outlet Village infopoint,hand it to the ski resort boxes and hit the runs!

Explore Friuli Venezia Giulia with the FVGCard

For Village Card and One Day Card owners, 10% discount on the purchase of FVGcard at PromoTurismoFVG info centers and Palmanova Outlet Village Infopoint.

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