From December 14th to January 27th, Palmanova Outlet Village will give the biggest poster designing brands the task of describing their own work with creativity and artistic prowess. Palmanova Outlet Village, known for its predisposition to follow lifestyle in all of its shapes and forms, puts itself forward as the perfect candidate to carry for this exhibition, which will appeal to any kind of visitor.

A minimalistic and modern set up has been devised at the civic n°62, which will display the contamination between the old and the new. The exhibition will be open all week from 10.30am to 1.30pm and from 2.30pm to 7.30pm.

Our visitors who are shopping aficionados will have the chance to look at the brand’s history with illustrations, different styles, languages and inspirations, from liberty-like models to a more modern and dynamic tone. These art piece were provided by some of the most prestigious names of Italian and foreign poster art, like Giorgio Muggiani, Giuseppe Riccobaldi, Leonetto Cappiello, Jean Droit and Hans Schleger. 

The Land of Fashion will host the brand and its art through a traveling exhibit, which will touch every single one of the Outlets in Italy. The exhibit will be dedicated to the lovers of the brand and printed marketing communication. Twenty – two unique manifestos will tell the evolution of one of the most famous lifestyle brands. 

Looking at the art pieces as a whole, the path taken from the 19th century to the 70s is easily recognizable. It traces a line through which the companies would promote their sales and encapsulate the essence of the product, with the help of coloured printing. 

The first international artists to pursue the affiche technique were Jules Cheret, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec and Alexandre Steinlen, who, from a painting to the other, would dabble into less refined art forms, but gratifying nonetheless. 

The affiche époque counted illustrious founding fathers like Marcello Dudovich and Leopoldo Metlicovitz, who was one of the first pioneers of the new advertising graphics, along with Leonetto Cappiello and Aleardo Terzi.
Lastly, when we talk about advertisement we have to address Martini’s advertising manifestos that have been all over Italy since 1863. Many graphic designers worked with him, bringing different styles and inspirations, but they had the exact same desire to match their own time and capture the essence of the product.

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On the UNESCO touristic road between Palmanova and Aquileia, and only 11kms from the Outlet Village in Palmanova, stands Ruda. There you’ll be able to visit the exhibition “The treasury of Perteole – a patriarchal silver coins collection” with silver coins from the 1200s, which were discovered thirty years ago. 


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