By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

Etiquette and beach? Often they seem to be definetely two incompatible worlds, or words which can’t be pronounced in the same sentence.

Well, that is because beach is not made for half-measures indeed. There is someone who lives it as an eternal stage, a runway where to exhibit gracefulness or… “disgracefulness”, and then there is someone who lives it as a branch of his home, without reminding that the beach is a house without walls and protections, which means completely exposed to the other’s vision.

In both cases, you are wrong. It is wrong who arrives on the beach with high heels, jewels and heavy make-up, but is wrong also who arrives shabby, untidy, with any kind of attitude towards the others looking at you from the nearest beach umbrella. Considering the long days and the boredom, taking a look and criticising the other has always been the favorite Summer sport.

Which is then the most appropriate look for comfort but at the same time trendy even under the hot sun?

If holiday rhymes with relaxation and rest, you have to choose comfortable sizes and simple cuts, fabrics which can be also creased like linen and cotton; look at yourself in the mirror before choosing tight shapes and exaggerate necklines and keep always a t-shirt or a sarong to get an ice-cream or a coffee at a bar. White, blue, sandy but also red are the choices suitable for everybody.

Who feels the call for fashion this year should choose rainbow at any cost. It seems in fact that being colored isn’t enough: you have to wear all the colors, all together. But is it possible? Yes, it is a must, according to the trend setters. Who can’t wear all the colors, in order to avoid the “Carnival” effect can choose multicolor on the beach bag, on the sarong, on the hat, on the (flat) shoes, on sunglasses (which must be taken off while introducing to someone) and, hear ye, on the flip flops. Flip flops which are, apparently, banned by every etiquette. I am telling you this, but don’t get used to it. On the beach they are ok, but beyond the water edge it’s better to avoid them.

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