By Nicola Santini - bon ton and etiquette expert, author of NON LO FACCIO PIU’

The scarf, in this season, can be found on each neck: it can be a salvation for someone, a noose for others, who are note able to wear it, a conviction for someone who is not able to match it properly. To be honest, I’m not a scarf-fan, but I want to reveal you the tricks for not being wrong with 7 important rules to enhance outfits, situation and functionality anyway.

  1. The… Snowman one.
    The scarf makes only one turn around the neck, leaving it on the front. Recommendation: the turn has to be not so tight so that the scarf results soft around the neck.
  2. The… Shawl one.
    The scarf is laying on the shoulders, sliding along the arms. It is not the best ally to cover the neck, on the other hand it’s perfect for slenderizing the figure. Recommendation: it fits well if it is really oversize, and also when you are oversize too.
  3. The…Flying lap one.
    It matches perfectly with a more relaxed look, for the ones who wear casual and for the ones who feel the neck too forced. The perfect movement is when one of the two ends goes on the opposite shoulder, maybe after a cruel joke, before going out the door. In a bright color it can give life also to the most rigourous camel coat. Don’t match it with a matching colored beanie or gloves.
  4. The…European one.
    Outside alternative to the tie. You have to fold the scarf in two parts and you put the ends in the created crease. It must have a certain length and match to a cityman coat that has to be almost skinny.
  5. The… Cowboy one.
    If you love dancing even when the thermometer is telling you 3, it is perfect for you. The triangle crease is perfect if you don’t want to burden excessively an outfit, and it is adapt also to the most prosperous women who want to avoid the turkey effect.
  6. The… Wrapped one.
    A guarantee for the ones who really want to have a hot neck even when it is really cold. Make more and more turns, without looking too choked, block the ends folding them to the inside. This technique is advised against women with long hair, with big shoulders or to quilted jacket lovers.
  7. The… Never one!
    Do you bear in mind the 90s shantung scarf that the agé women were used to put on one shoulder. Avoid it, please! Thanks.

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